Using Architectural Salvage to produce a Connect to a less complicated Time


As the world will get increasingly more complicated many “tasty decorating addicts” have found unique salvage products recreated into new uses to produce a nostalgic connect to simpler occasions! A stair baluster turns into a unique candle holder, a set of corbels (the greater blistery the greater) become amazing shelf brackets for

a salvaged bit of fence or barn wood to “make hearts break” at the next social gathering of meet up with buddies and family. The content here’s anybody can enter in the widget store and obtain exactly the same widgets that everybody else has. Why don’t you stretch your creativeness (and most likely your financial allowance) striking the neighborhood flea market, thrift store, antique store or (if you’re fortunate enough to get one near by) the “Architectural Salvage Yard”.

Been searching for one of these simple salvage yards? Let us let you know that not only to locate one but find the correct one for the taste and budget.

Architectural Salvage Yards are mainly split into two groups:

1) Salvage yards which do their very own destruction of old structures. These I call “Primaries”

2) Another kind of yard is really a buyer and reseller of salvaged products from destruction companies, remodeling home proprietors, builders, private parties. These I call “Secondaries”.

Within both groups are grades and characteristics of salvage yards. Some carry the relatively common products for example old home windows, door and hardware and usually are relatively modestly priced. The 2nd type involves impassioned operators who either deconstruct products (often even buying salvage legal rights for that

destruction) and thoroughly transport these to their warehouse. Tearing lower things is simple. Deconstructing in the past significant artifacts without destroying them is labor intensive, highly trained work. The end result usually instructions a cost corresponding to the energy required to save it from the present location to a different one!

So which kind of place must i frequent?

The reply is based on your financial allowance and taste. I plan to concentrate future articles on discussing unique design ideas in the “secondary” category. I have faith that great design (without any concerns about budget is only a “search and get” game best performed having a internet link along with a phone. I favor to cope with great design ideas which come with no “cardiac event” when viewing the cost tag!

Each article I publish shall deal broadly with reuse of relatively modest cost architectural products that can be re-engineered with “medium level tool skills”, tools and also the “popular” drywall screw and screw gun. You does not need to possess a “contractors license” or perhaps a “building permit”. Simply a love for an excellent item that reflects your creativeness and not the “widget stores”!

This is actually the design idea #one in a number of “too awesome…reuse ideas” that’ll be a style of every article.

Design idea #1-

Materials needed:

Baluster Candle Holder. A baluster is among the spindles that you simply find between your lower and upper support railing on the stairwell. Most salvage stores, a good trip to the flea market or perhaps a building supply

store have new (if you cannot find old) balusters. Original copies will be ready to get into production. Brand new ones produce a old look having a bottom coat of crackling medium, or a mix of glue combined with water along with a top coat of regardless of the finished color ought to be. 1 bit of 2″x8″ wood approximately18″ lengthy. (scrap cuts of wood are all around in diy stores or simply get a 8′ piece (about $6) and save the remainder later on.

Tools needed:

One drill. One 3/4″ paddle drill bit. One Phillips mind #2 screw mind. One small box obviously thread 2″ drywall screws. One bottle of wood glue. One 1/8″ drill bit. One hands or power saw.


Step One- Reduce your 2×8 wood piece to preferred length according to what your skills informs the right relationship is within proportion towards the height of the baluster.

Step Two- Cut any angles from your baluster that it is flat on top and bottom.

Step Three- Bring your paddle bit and cut a a 3/4″ wide (the width from the paddle bit) and 1 ” deep in a single finish from the baluster. (here’s your candle holder opening).

Step Four- Take sleep issues and set a tiny bit of wood glue on base of 2×8 in which you want the balluster to become attached. Turn the 2×8 upside lower and drill singleOreight” hole from back of 2×8 in to the with the 2×8 and in to the baluster about 1/2 inch.

Step Five- Screw the baluster towards the 2×8 having a 2″ drywall screw and hang aside overnight for that wood glue to obtain good and dry. A wood reference to wood glue when permitted to dry overnight is more powerful compared to original wood when it’s dry.

Step Six- Add every other decorative elements you love to the 2×8 base. Old peices of door hardware, old tools, and then any other trinkets that keep you going.

Step 7- Paint as preferred.

Step 8- Insert a inspiring candle to opening in baluster.

After some creativeness, fundamental tools and incredibly modest expense you’ve produced a “unique expression” of the fashion sense. Along with a “truly great” non mass created, “anti- me too” product to amaze your buddies

together with your decorating style!

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