Tips about Selecting an Worldwide Employment Agency For The Foreign Labor, Guest Worker Recruitment


How to pick an worldwide employment agency for the Foreign labor recruitment & guest workers Programs.

Selecting an worldwide employment agency to assist facilitate the recruitment of foreign labor or migrant workers for the business can tricky, especially if you are a American employer searching to employ workers underneath the backed US gust worker visa program for non immigrant H-2B visa staff.

Using the new H-2B rules introduced in The month of january 2009, if the agent abroad has billed the employees a charge, then you definitely being an employer might have to pay back the employees the entire amount! And so the screening of worldwide employment agencies is important.

I’ve been involved with immigration services and worldwide employment since 1997, and so i have discovered through mistakes over many years and i believe it’s fair to state that i’m well capable of offer for you the guidelines that i’m going to give out, so stick with me for the following 2-3 minutes that it requires to see the remainder of my article.

Here are a few some tips in selecting the best Worldwide Recruiters.

Should you try this advice you’ll go a lengthy way of preventing a PR disaster beyond what your company might be able to get over.

Check out the website and browse some info to find out if they’re articulate, informative as well as an authority in the market.

Worldwide recruiters from countries like India, Israel, Sri Lanka, China and Philippines possess a status for overcharging applicants, if you love status management you best obtain a disclosure of methods much contrary these worldwide employment agencies are charging the employees. Make certain you’re using a trustworthy agency with a lengthy track history.

When the agency states have offices in several country, request…no, actually DEMAND to determine their business registration documents for your country. If they don’t have the registration documents in their own individual company name then they’ll be utilizing an affiliate agency…that spells BIG TROUBLE!


Two primary reasons..1. They’ve been dishonest within their initial claims, attempting to mis-help you into thinking that they’re larger than they’re. 2. The Affiliate agency may also be charging the employees…that may set you back very much.

There’s one more reason too, that’s these agents aren’t in charge of the recruitment process, they aren’t in charge of screening the applicants for appropriateness.

In case you really worry about your company status and you don’t want to have to pay back whatever these agencies are charging the employees then you must do your research.

When they fail any of the first couple of steps then drop them immediately and discover a far more appropriate partner for the recruitment of foreign labor.

They are super easy steps that you should take, you don’t have to complete much to date right?

Check references for that worldwide placement agencies that pass the very first two tests.

Now, things i am about to let you know perhaps a little questionable, however…a great worldwide recruitment agency wouldn’t complain, and you will find good worldwide employment agencies available and so i will express it anyway, when i view it so that as it truly is.

Whenever you look into the references look out for them suggesting that you contact someone having a foreign sounding name, this can be a common theme with lots of Indian and Israel (also operated by mainly Indians, Chinese and Filipino agencies) based worldwide employment and staffing service agency providers. You need to Insist upon obtaining a reference from the previous employer or client inside your country or perhaps in an identical country and whom you can verify like a REAL Business.

You will find worldwide employment agencies which will attempt to pass you to some buddies or relatives for business or client references, they might seem polite, articulate and achievable, but check their business really exists. The simplest way to achieve that would be to type into Google the name, location and repair supplied by that employer, they ought to come in Google maps having a Google local company listing the listings using the big map beside it that seems whenever you look for a local service.

Don’t skip that last step.

In case your prospective Worldwide placement agency is real and isn’t attempting to disadvantage you into using his services so that he is able to charge applicants 1000s of dollars, which may cause serious harm to your status then he’ll be fully compliant for your demands capable to provide these details immediately. Should there be delays then you will need to be searching elsewhere for foreign work employment agency services. Don’t risk damaging your company with the avarice of those so known as agents, even when they create themselves look real. They might actually have a license to recruit workers for overseas and they’ve already many years doing this, however they have were able to stay individually distinct with insufficient evidence of the things they billed, letting them prowl the web, scraping emails of employers who they are able to approach with inexpensive reely recruitment services.

The fact is that if it’s liberated to after this you someone is having to pay, that may come out be you afterwards in the event you neglect to take heed from the new rules for non immigrant visas as issued in The month of january 2009. However, should you stick to the easy steps above, you’re going to get a feeling through speed of response, with the references provided and also the registration documents that you ought to request.

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