Stanhope Seta Conductivity Calibration Kit for Handheld Conductivity Sensor


Stanhope Seta is a leading, world-renowned manufacturer of laboratory instruments for quality control, analysis and calibration, constantly impressing their many loyal customers by bringing out new and innovative equipment to allow business within a range of industries across the world the grow and conquer their competition.

One of the most recent products in which the manufacturer has released and delighted their customers with is the Stanhope Seta Conductivity Calibration Kit for Handheld Conductivity Sensor. This is a calibration and verification tool for handheld conductivity sensors that allows for quick and easy calibration and verification of instruments.

This tool is optimised or AC conductivity measurement with active components ensuring long term stability and accuracy. On completion of the calibration the machinery generates a report that details changes to the instrument and the re-calibration date is automatically updated for super-easy use.

The kit, housed in a protective case comprises of a conductivity simulator, USB cable, software and instructions which are very easy to follow and adhere to.

It is recommended that the unit is supported in a stand during calibration, which can of course also be purchased from Stanhope Seta.

Hardware requirements are a Windows compliant PC with at least one free USB port. Windows XP or emulated XP are supported. Windows 7 support will be available as a free of charge upgrade.

The calibration and verification device is supplied with full certification and need not be re-certified for 3 years, allowing for businesses to progress without worry.

Stanhope Seta has actually posted an entire article regarding this tool on their website’s blog – if you require further information, you should take a look today. Alternatively you can contact either Mindex or Stanhope Seta with any questions that you have. Mindex is the proud representative from Stanhope Seta and their team are waiting to help you.