Maximizing Your Ability To Score In Essays Of A-Level Economics

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Economics tutors and other teachers are trying to help students in becoming able to adapt the focus and concentration on methods which helps them to think on a higher level of commitment and intellect. They want the students to be able to carry out analysis of complex issues. This helps the students to cover paper 2 in their A-levels.

The Parachute Concept By Mr. Koh To Understand How To Score In Paper 2 Of A-Level Economics

Cambridge’s essay topics and questions are never predictable which makes the use of old papers and topics a waste of time. This method also risks the students to write off topic which is never appreciated in the exam by any of the examiner and the students suffer big time.

Second, it is best that the students adopt the tried-and-tested-concept to understand the question. It is a more sustainable method for the students as they able to attempt the question with a better sanity check. Mr. Koh does not demonstrate any similarity to the good notes provided at schools as they are not promoting self-study.

In contrast to that method, Mr. Koh in his economics tuition always emphasizes on improving essay writing skills by reading, learning and practicing. Mr. Koh also adopts the method of synthesizing the course of Economics and then use the Parachute Concept along with structuring essays and designing frameworks which help the students in tackling different questions related to the concepts and topics.

Mr. Koh believes that Cambridge cannot test students for concepts that are absent in the syllabus and that is something which can help the students to be prepared for something unexpected. It is important for the students to understand the hidden motive and concept of the question. The essay structure taught by Mr. Koh makes the students understand that the questions will be variable and therefore their approach shall also be volatile.