How A Partnership with Ideo Has Made This School in Bangkok Unique


An international school has formed a strategic partnership with Ideo which has made it one of the most exciting international schools in Bangkok. Students in Bangkok are looking forward to starting their studies in a US Curriculum in 2020. The school will change the way that learning traditionally occurs in Thailand’s schools, by introducing educational models that center on learners through encouraging creative thinking and innovation.

By encouraging students to help guide their own learning, the educational institution will develop a cadre of designers who can formulate fresh solutions to new and established problems. This is in line with the vision and mission of both the school and its partner, Ideo. Each learner is expected to bring a fresh approach to their classroom sessions on the Apple-style campus, and be prepared to tackle challenges with solutions that can change the world around them.

Ideo’s Human Centered Design Toolkit demonstrates how human centered design can positively impact the social sector. At this school, educators believe that learner centered educational models can have a significant impact on the world, by teaching students how to change lives. Ideo has released a toolkit, titled Design Thinking for Educators, which helps teachers use the same tools designers use at Ideo to overcome complex challenges. Teachers hone their skills and inspire innovation in their own students.

Redefining Possibilities

Ideo is known for shaking up the status quo and developing better solutions to common problems in technology that people face around the world. Their team of designers is prepared to take established solutions apart in order to develop outstanding new ones. Through its partnership with Ideo, this international school hopes to encourage the same type of thinking in its students.

Its large, 30-acre campus will accommodate 1,800 students up to grade 12. It will also be open to early childhood students, starting at the age of two. Its progressive curriculum is aligned with the standards of New York State, and regular public exhibitions and events are expected to allow students to showcase their talents.

Ideo believes that everyone is creative, and their partnership with this international institution will help students to unlock their own creativity through the latest learning platforms. Education has to shape learners for a new world, the one we want to have instead of the one that is currently experienced. Students who are challenged to think outside of the box on a daily basis enter the workforce prepared to create that world.

Futuristic Facilities

Just as Ideo changed the way that users interact with their devices by developing the Apple mouse, this international school will change the way students learning by developing a completely different learning space. The Loops are just one of the many architectural design features which are in place to focus learning on students.

The Loops are in place at every stage, from early childhood to Grade 12. Project spaces and flexible classrooms allow learners to be inspired as they tackle rigorous academic programs. From early in their educational life, students experience an Early Childhood Zone that opens into a learning garden, inspiring each child’s natural sense of wonder.