3 Myths About The Human Body Debunked By Science


Ever since man developed a sense of inquisition, he has been discovering a lot of things about the human body. Today, ask a preschooler about the heart or even the respiratory system which is explained in NCERT Solutions Class 11 Biology and he would give you a rather good explanation about it. Therefore, you might assume that we have discovered everything there is to know about the human body, but you’d be wrong.

Everyday, scientists are discovering new organs, functions or features of the human body. But then, there are “Facts” that form on baseless rumours and erroneous observation. Here are 3 myths that are now debunked by science.

Fingernails And Hair Grow After Death

This myth keeps popping up very often even though it has been debunked a very long time ago. After a person dies, their body starts to lose moisture and dry up, this retracts the cells and tissues but leaves the nails and hair intact. This gives the appearance that the nails and hair have grown even after death. But obviously, this doesn’t happen as all hormonal and material activity ceases at death or a few minutes after death.

You Have Only 5 Senses

Ever since elementary school, you have been taught that we possess only 5 senses: smell, sight, touch, taste and hearing. But this has been proved wrong by scientists. We possess more than 5, but scientists aren’t sure just how many we possess. Estimates have been put at 21 senses to a whopping 33! A few of the senses that you haven’t heard of before are  equilibrioception (sense of balance), proprioception (sense of our body and limb’s whereabouts in 3D space)  and kinaesthesia (sense of movement).

Chewing Gum Takes 7 Years To Digest

This “myth” does have some truth to it though. Chewing gum contains some constituents that can’t be broken up by the body. But that doesn’t mean it remains in your body for a long time. The body can easily egest objects that are as large as an inch in diameter. So, a bubble gum doesn’t poses a problem and can easily exit your body just like any other food. However, if the person happens to be eating a lot of bubblegum at once, it forms a big indigestible mass that can’t be egested and might need surgical intervention.

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